Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cherry's Jubilee

While in Monterey this past weekend, K & I happened upon the annual Cherry's Jubilee classic car event. This was definitely a treat, probably more so for K, who couldn't stop snapping pics of his favorite cars. I was able to wrest the camera away from him to snap a couple of shots of my favorite car there:

The lines on this car are so gorgeous. I love the creamy color and the burnt orange. They just don't make 'em like this anymore. (Truth be told, on the safety side, I'm glad cars have all sorts of airbags, etc., nowadays. I just want them to be designed a little bit more elegantly)

I tried to do a search on this car, but came up with nothing on the name below:

Anyway, this reminded me of L.A.'s own treasure trove of classic cars: The Nethercutt Collection. If you love classic cars, especially pre-war ones, this is the place for you. K & I went there several months ago and he certainly got a kick at seeing all of the Packards (especially since he's a descendant.) To see the best cars and hear some unusual automated instruments, reserve a spot in the San Sylmar tour.

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