Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chivalry is not dead!

Buenos Aires has a reputation for being a very macho town. I haven't experienced any male aggression walking the streets alone or going about my general business, but what I have experienced is a forgotten by-product of machismo: chivalry. The men here are very protective of and courteous to women, and it feels pretty nice. Riding the subte or the collectivo (bus), I've seen numerous men give up their seats for pregnant women, women with babies or elderly women. One elderly man almost woke up a sleeping man to persuade him to give up his seat for a woman and her baby, but another seat opened in the nick of time. And all of my encounters with Argentine men have been very warm and never overbearing. (knocking on wood) Of course, I'm not trying to build a career here...I'm just visiting, but it is refreshing to see men show their gender's best traits.

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