Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Keys to the past

I didn't post yesterday, because I was in the worst part of my cold and needed some rest. Last night, I popped two Tylenol PMs (Vanilla-flavored) and slept for about 11 hours. I think that was exactly what I needed to fight whatever virus had taken hold in me.

I've also been very busy...between Spanish and tango classes and running errands, I haven't had a chance to do much else in the last two days. The good thing is that I've really been able to experience what it's like to live in this city and not just be a tourist. The bad thing is that there are times when I feel like I want to be a dumb tourist with no responsibilities, living in luxury. However, not being a tourist does have its advantages:

Instead of those plastic hotel keycards, I get these:When my host gave me these keys, they reminded me of the kind of keys that we don't use anymore, except maybe as props in Pirates of the Caribbean (with the exception of the power tool key) They seem a bit antiquated and it's not as if I'm staying in an old apartment building in Koreatown is easily 30 years older than my building in B. Aires. And everywhere I go in this city I see these keys dangling from people's fingers. I don't know how secure they are, but I wish I had keys like this. I just really like what they say about this city...for all of it's modernity, B. Aires is firmly rooted in it's past and traditions. Why change things that work just fine? And why erase the past when it was so elegant and grand?


Murphy Twin B said...

I love those keys too -- I know what you mean about what they say about the city and its priorities. Sigh. Los Angeles sometimes ain't all it's cracked up to be.

annabel lee los angeles said...

Indeed...maybe I can get my locks changed. If not to my front door, maybe to my bathroom door ;-)