Monday, February 11, 2008


No, I didn't go anywhere (unless you count going on a mental vacation.) I just had a crazy week and was so exhausted it hurt to think about anything, even about what to eat (and I love to think about food!) Anyway, I'm back on track (read: functionally sane) and speaking of food, last week, I saw this little item on Eater LA:

"Crumbs Bake Shop, the New York cupcakery with sugar bombs like caramel apple, Oreo, and Fluffernutter flavors will open at 216 N. Larchmont in April. The good thing about Crumbs is that it's not a monolithic chain (there are only seven locations so far), whose owners still actively oversee daily operations. The first west coast Crumbs opened in Beverly Hills in September---and they gave away free cupcakes on day one. Yes, they're willing to buy your love."
I reviewed Crumbs on Yelp after visiting with the Cupcake Meetup Group and so far, they are my favorite over-the-top cupcakery in Los Angeles. That they are opening a location within 10 minutes of my home means I have to hurry up on sorting out my fitness plan. Still, despite the possibility of rear expansion, I'm happy that they are opening a location in my area. If you take a look at the L.A. Times' cupcake map, we are currently underserved.

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lil miss dubin said...

I covered a Grammy party last night at which Crumbs had basically set up a shrine to its cupcakes--a towering, multitiered castle of cupcakes at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The guests were so excited (never mind the fact that half of them had just won Grammys or performed or presented at the awards) that I had to pick the sweets as my coverage angle. People love them some Crumbs, boy!