Monday, February 04, 2008


Sometimes I forget how exhilarating sports can be. Maybe it's because I usually cheat (myself) and find out the score of most games (which we usually record) ahead of time in order to save myself from the stress and possible disappointment of defeat. It's the equivalent of keeping your eyes shut during a rollercoaster ride and really, what's the point of that?

Well, I'm glad I kept my eyes open during yesterday's amazing game. It was definitely a bit tense in moments, but ultimately, it proved to be a very rewarding and transcendent experience. (That was putting it mildly: During most of the second half, I screamed and jumped my way to happy exhaustion.) In any event, good for the Giants, who weren't intimidated by the Patriot hype and didn't give up. Their defense was spectacular and it was great to see Eli fulfill his potential (and Brady get sacked so many times.)

I did feel a little bad for the Patriots at the end (especially Junior Seau), but that was shortlived, especially when a sour Belichick walked off the field early, a particularly classless move.

As a sidebar, the subs were awesome and well worth the extra 45 minutes I had to wait for them (and I ordered online early!)

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