Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keys to the future

Great news: I got my MINI last night.
Not-so-great news: I'm home sick today.

After the excitement of picking up and driving home my MINI last night, I woke up this morning feeling awful with a slight sore throat. I've been working hard and have been a bit overscheduled lately so I guess that me getting rundown is no big surprise. However, I wish I could be zipping around town today with my new car, instead of taking photos of the one reminder I have of it in my house (apart from all the paperwork):

I wrote a post when I was in Buenos Aires, titled Keys to the past, and now here's the bookend. The new MINIs have that fancy stop and start push button ignition system, hence the huge electronic key. I'll definitely have to get use to that and all the other bells and whistles that come with my car. I am definitely a long way from having to manually roll up my windows and turn off my A/C for extra power.

In any event, I am starting to feel a bit better and will probably venture out to run some light errands tonight and hopefully take more pictures.


lil miss dubin said...

Congratulations! Life just gives you the lemonade straight away sometimes.

annabel lee los angeles said...

Thanks! Sometimes you need the lemonade right away, just like how you need to eat dessert for dinner and shop with reckless abandon some days.

TonyV said...

Congrats on the new car! Can't wait to see it. And no shopping until your trip. :-)

TonyV said...

No new pics of the actual car? I'm disappointed!