Friday, March 07, 2008


Since the advent of my chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain, I've been on the lookout for ways to limit the strain on my right arm. I've switched my mousing hand from right to left, which was a big deal, especially at work, and I try to do as many tasks as possible with my left hand. In addition, I've incorporated a lot of gadgets in my daily life. K got me an electric toothbrush for Christmas, and for school work, I use a high powered electric eraser and sharpener. The next thing on the list is this:

Because washing/exfoliating my face hurts during an arm flare-up, I think the Clarisonic skincare brush would be a good fit for me. Most of the reviews on its exfoliation effectiveness are positive and I'll take any excuse I can to purchase an otherwise superfluous gadget. (Plus, I've worked out a way to get 1000 frequent flyer miles when I eventually purchase it.)

When I was younger (and more "hardcore"), I had very old-fashioned ideas about automation and thought that people who used gadgets like electric can openers were lazy. Little did I know that just a year into my thirties I'd be one of those people. Not lazy, of course, but in need of a little help to ease the pain. It makes me wonder what other things I will embrace when I get more rickety. One of these, perhaps?:

Oh, geez... I'm only 31 and am thinking of such things! I really do know how to work myself up. Anyway, hopefully, I will get my act together soon and start to live the balanced life that I currently fantasize about. Then, the arm pain will go away and I won't have any more thoughts about senior scooters.

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