Sunday, March 02, 2008


I was pretty wound up since suffering a mini-meltdown on Thursday and so yesterday, I treated myself to a really nice 90-minute Thai massage at my favorite place: Thai Sabai. It's relatively cheap ($45 for an hour), clean and very refreshing. If you've never had a Thai massage, it's very different from Swedish/Western massages in that 1) you're clothed (in provided shorts and top); 2) you get stretched and pulled in all sorts of directions; and 3) the therapists do what it takes to get rid of the knots, including walking and kneeling directly on you. Often called "the lazy man's yoga," it's perfect for getting your blood flowing and stretching out your body. I always feel better afterwards and yesterday was no exception.

A couple of notes: I usually go to the Thai Town branch of Thai Sabai, which does have a drawback: the parking situation. There is a parking lot since it's located in a mini-mall, but it does get busy and you have to pay for parking during those times. So, I would suggest not going during the weekends or popular weekday nights. Also, even though the Web site says that it doesn't accept credit cards, I know that the Thai Town branch does, albeit with a $1 fee.

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I SO wish I could go right now!-K