Monday, March 03, 2008

Pain au chocolat

I spend a lot of time talking about cupcakes (and eating them!) So, it's pretty obvious how much I love them. However, last Friday, I picked up 18 cupcakes at Joan's on Third for my boss' birthday celebration, but I didn't eat any. You see, I also went to Boule to pick up chocolates and noticed that they had my all-time favorite pastry: the chocolate croissant. Anytime I am eating a perfectly executed one (meaning buttery flakiness paired with Callebaut or Valhrona dark chocolate) while sipping a lovely tea or espresso, I am perfectly happy. When I eventually get to Paris, I will have nothing else for breakfast.

In any event, Boule's version was good, though slightly crispy for my taste, but the tea (Le Palais de Thes' Rooibos with Camomile) was amazing. I'm always on the lookout for good non-caffeinated tea and I'll have to make a special trip to Beverly Hills for this one.

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